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When we led a small group of parents through the start-up phase of PASS we had two distinct advantages: 1) A strong dose of naivete, and 2) Faith that we were doing the right and needed thing.

Our first hire was an admin consultant with experience in the DD field. He went to Salem hoping to get some start-up funds. No funds! But some advice – “those parents will never pull this off”. Well, over the years we have seen blessing after blessing come our way and we thank God daily. Our 10-year anniversary celebration held at Gustav’s on Sandy Blvd was very gratifying and proved the experts wrong!

Our 20-year celebration in January 2018 was a further testimony to what faith, dedication and hard work can do.

We are very grateful to the staff,  board, clients, parents and referral sources for your help, trust and as my inspiring ancestors would say – SKOL!

-Warren and Evvalee Rushold

“I’m celebrating five years at my job today. When I first signed on, I thought it would be a stop gap until I found my next job in the retail world. Five years later, I cannot imagine being anywhere else. I’ve gotten to work with some of the best people this world has to offer, doing some of the hardest and least thankful work society has to offer.
Getting to be a small piece of the machine, making a difference in people’s lives, along with all of my co-workers has been the single most rewarding thing I have done. Playing my part, along with my co-workers and everyone else in my industry, makes it that much easier to get up every morning and do what I do.
I’ve done this job for five years and my life has already been changed forever, I cannot wait to see what the next 40 years can bring me. Thank you Pass, for giving me a direction, and purpose in life.”
–Matt M.

“My job at Pass Day is remarkable. You can wear a funny hat or PJs. A Tutu or elf suit. It is what makes someones day. I feel love here. I am heard. “
–Wendy W.


“It is a great pleasure to work at such an awesome facility and have the best co-workers, friends and bosses!”
–Denetra C.

“I LOVE my job so much!
I am so blessed to be able to work with these wonderful people every day! Keep up the good work Pass Day!”
–Jen R

“How thoughtful of Pass staff to make my sweet Erin “pizza” blanket . They definitely know the way to her heart. Thanks so much guys !”
–Wanda K.

“Love you Pass Day!”
–Asha M.

“Thanks, PASS!!! Love the pics, looks like success!”

–Deanna B.


“The clients/participants show me things, insights into stuff that I’d never think about independently. I appreciate that about them.”
-Kevin W.

“Pass is an amazing place to work for. It feels like a family more than a job.”

-Christina S.

“It gives me a better perspective about human beings and how to interact with others”
-Denetra C.

“This is the only place where I feel like we care about clients.”
-Violeta M.

“The clients always give me the positive energy and great memories to take home”

-Kevin H.

“I love coming to work everyday!”
-Jen R.

“The staff work together as a family, it’s always a lively and loving environment.”
-Ebony F.

“The people who work here are warm hearted people”
-Kevin W.

“The care for our individuals is more than I’ve ever seen, this staff truly cares.”
-Wendy W.

“Pass is the most fulfilling job I’ve ever had in my life”
-Kevin H.

“The energy of staff is amazing! The staff truly care about the clients and the bosses, and the bosses truly care about the clients and staff.”

-Jen R.

“My special thanks to Dimitrios Z. because from my view, the program has taken a wonderful leap in quality since you joined as Director.
Molly has been a long-term beneficiary of PASS services, joining a year or two after the program started. I was actively involved and on the board of directors sherpharding it through growing pains of adapting to a constantly evolving and changing Developmental Disability Service’s system. I congratulate the program administration, staff, and volunteers that have contributed through hard work and perseverance to continue to offer community-based supports that have allowed many families like mine to keep our adult children living in their family homes. I want to commend the current administrative and support staff for what I perceive is the highest level of quality service yet in PASS’ evolution through the years. Thank you sincerely from my heart. And my appreciation to board members for your work and dedication to keep this program intact and growing. PASS has a unique niche in this community in serving some of most high needs people with developmental disabilities. Your service and quality are much appreciated by Diann, Molly, and I feel confident many others.”
-Diann D.

“January 19, 2018 we will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the PASS Day Program! Evvalee and I were incredibly blessed to have a foundational role in starting PASS; then to be able to guide the organization as it steadily grew! The program now has 57 clients, a very stable staff, and outstanding leadership in Dimitrios and Matt.”
-Dr. Warren R.

“Thank you PASS for all you have done for us and others. And for the great staff you have.”
-Jeff & Judy S.


“Wow! You outdid yourselves with these photos for sure!! How precious are ALL these photos – not just those of my daughter! Thanks, PASS staff for making their days fun and making us parents happy too!”

-Deanna B.

“Another great day at work. A shout out to Team Pass Day for working so well together.”

-Jennie W. S.

You guys are the best! What fun summer days!

-Becky N.

Love all the pictures, thank you guys for posting them! You all do amazing work to make everyone happy!

-Bella S.


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